Effects and influences of the extreme ends of the widening income gap.

A subjective observation sees growing disrespect for law and order at each end of the money column. The higher end is fraught with self help. Expenditures to make more money easier is the technology. Front running is somehow legitimized on a limited basis. There is pressure pushing Dodd Frank aside to clear the way for another windfall before the crash. The social and financial effects of unlimited resources are expanding away from an economy. Goods and services are obsolete.

On the bulb end of the money thermometer there appears ever more numerous accounts of crime and violence. Skimming money on ebay and Craigslist is epic in size but doesn't reach the level of involving enforcement. The electronic thievery not even illiciting a muffled gasp. Pawn shops, meth clinics and plasma banks claim priority for recreational time over ball fields, swimming pools and picnic grounds. Seems daily now used to be quarterly the numbers of murders, beatings and thievery. There has to be a social contradiction in eight dollar a pack cigarettes. The attitude of "I don't care because I don't smoke" is allowing a multitude of laws that pushes the impoverished even lower.

The widening income gap inspires ingenuity at each end. None of which is overly beneficial to the country. Jobs and taxes need to restore the country. The overly right can end up winning an unmanageable victory.