A Free Trade Challenge May Be Yielding Jobs

(Via Campaign for America's Future) Remember back in September when the Obama Administration imposed tariffs on Chinese tires. Well, its decision to challenge the old "free trade" religion may have resulted in AMERICAN JOBS:

Findlay's Cooper Tire will add 100 new jobs

“Last year at this time we were worried about losing Cooper,” said Sehnert.

Now the company has announced a $10 million dollar investment in the plant, mostly in automation.

With the company's expansion comes the real good news for Findlay residents, 9.1% of whom are unemployed.

The plant will need to fill 100 new jobs.

Thank you for challenging the "free trade" religion. Please keep it up - American workers are depending on it.

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that's actually very useful

to show more direct evidence. I saw a post recently claiming the increased "global trade" will cause a "V" shaped recovery...I thought, hello, anybody see that the trade deficit subtracts from U.S. GDP and also we've lost millions of jobs, not only in manufacturing, but across the board?

A bright light in a sea of negative news.

Paul Krugman on "Protectionism"

I've known this for some time, that trade was a small part of the U.S. economy during the 1920's and before Smoot-Hawley, but those absurd people pushing those bad outsourcing trade deals claiming it's "free" trade love to claim that tariffs "caused" the Great Depression (this is fiction).

Anywho, Krugman called cash on it today in this post.

When trade is done right it is a huge economic benefit, but we don't have that by any measure of the theory today.


Oh wow, 100 whole jobs saved by protectionist policies. That must mean that protectionism works. HOORAY, WE ARE SAVED!

Perhaps you should read your Krugman article again. The generally accepted knowledge of protectionism during the GD is that protectionism PROLONGED the GD, not that it CAUSED it - and Krugman is arguing essentially THE SAME THING.

Silly liberals, always conflating facts and getting themselves and others confused.

that's really absurd

Look who is spinning. Dumping is not free trade. That's what the Chinese tires is all about, dumping is flooding the market below costs simply to wipe out a market sector. Taking action against dumping is not "protectionism". Give me a break. Silly corporate brain death, it would be nice if you understood the terminology.

Wow. What is amazing is your level of ignorance

It's called a Trade Agreement. A trade agreement allows for procedures and remedies. The procedures were followed.

We like and want to honor written agreements, don't we? And how is enforcing agreements protectionism?

As for your asinine assertion of "100 whole jobs". Ask people in Findlay, OH how they feel about those "100 whole jobs" after they thought Cooper was closing shop and shipping production to China. BTW unemployment rate in Ohio (NSA) is 10%.

Hey, if you like trade with China so much why don't you move to China and take your neo-liberal friends with you?

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