A Free Trade Challenge May Be Yielding Jobs

(Via Campaign for America's Future) Remember back in September when the Obama Administration imposed tariffs on Chinese tires. Well, its decision to challenge the old "free trade" religion may have resulted in AMERICAN JOBS:

Findlay's Cooper Tire will add 100 new jobs

“Last year at this time we were worried about losing Cooper,” said Sehnert.

Now the company has announced a $10 million dollar investment in the plant, mostly in automation.

With the company's expansion comes the real good news for Findlay residents, 9.1% of whom are unemployed.

The plant will need to fill 100 new jobs.

The Headlines on Trade with China are Ridiculous

Because the United States showed just a little sign of life and challenged China's dumping of tires in yet another unfair trade practice, the main stream media screams absurdities.

Take this headline Treasuries Gain as U.S.-China Trade Tensions Threaten Recovery and this one Yen Rises Versus Euro on Signs Trade Protectionism Increasing .

What really happened? China was dumping tires to U.S. markets in order to destroy and capture yet another good by producing under cost, flooding the market to drive down prices temporarily and plain put U.S. tire makers out of business.