Friday Movie Night - Commanding From Wuthering Heights

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!

This week we have a corporate biased, but very well done, PBS documentary Commanding Heights.   

Contained within this video are the Russian and 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the Great Depression and Globalization. Also is the admittance that the interactions and dependencies of global markets, financial markets is not well understood.

This video is now a good 6 years old and as we can see, corporatism, disguised as globalism is assuredly not delivering on what was sold to us or promised. If you have not watched this documentary, it's actually very in depth, on a series of economists and thought and is over three hours long.


Part One: The Battle of Ideas


Part Two: The Agony of Reform


Part Three: The New Rules of the Game



A big, wet-kiss to neoliberal globalists

If you like the Chicago School of Economics and Reaganism, then this is the documentary to watch.

it's their personal biography

All Hail to Margaret Thatcher with token acknowledge of "hard adjustments" that of course never cease....such as millions of the middle class put into poverty and so on...

But it gives a lot of good history and insight to this philosophy and religion and how it all came about.

there is one common element I notice...the minute one has corruption, any system it decays.

considering this election, I think it's important to re familiarize with the Chicago School as well.

I also saw a very sad moment on the local news...people are wondering when they will get relief now that the bail out has passed.

That is astounding and even worse the news reported that their "relief" would take a bit of time...

It's just incredible these people do not realize you cannot prop up the stock market in a recession and also do not realize they get zero relief...

Hyper Inflation & current S. Am. markets collapse

What's most interesting (and these guys are good at rewriting history too) is that the original series talked extensively about the collapse of both Asia, and Russia whereas this version glosses over it.

Since the corporate raid of taxpayer funds just passed by our corrupt Congress....

and I think in ?? 3 weeks the U.S. managed to add $1.65 trillion to the deficit at least reviewing national defaults and hyper inflation was in order.

I believe Bernanke also pumped in $650 B into the money supply this week, it's around there, hard to keep count.

Today also Brazil's market collapsed.

Sao Paulo’s stock market collapsed 7.34% reaching 46.145 points and the Buenos Aires market lost 5.43%. Mexico IPC also was rattled dropping 4.34% stabilizing in 24.027 points.

So, while these neoliberal globalist oligarchs continue to run our country, there theories aren't exactly panning out as planned and promised now are they?