Google Gutting Motorola Mobility

Google's stock is at all time highs.  They are one of the companies who whines about the non-existent tech worker shortage.  Yet they are gutting Motorola Mobility, an acquisition made earlier. My guess if one investigates that pool of patents just ended up being put into SPVs and sent off to the Cayman's.  Nice isn't it to see companies bought, sliced and diced to the point it's clear the moves have nothing to do with the real, production economy or great products?  Bloomberg:

Google Inc. (GOOG) is cutting about 1,200 jobs at its Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. unit, a person familiar with the matter said. The reduction comes seven months after Google said it was eliminating 4,000 jobs, or about 20 percent of the staff, at the company it bought last year for about $12.4 billion.

Folks, consider leaving a comment on layoffs at tech companies claiming a tech worker shortage and lobbying Congress.   The only silver lining here is Motorola originally fired thousands of Americans and replaced them with foreign guest workers.  Churn and Burn.