Greenspan Says Flooding the US labor market with Foreign Labor will Solve the Housing Crisis


The number of new households in the U.S. is increasing at a rate of about 800,000 a year, of which about a third are immigrants. Perhaps 150,000 of those are loosely classified as skilled. A double or tripling of this number would markedly accelerate the absorption of unsold housing inventory for sale — and hence help stabilize prices


Lovely how it never seems to pass Greenspan's mind of the millions of US citizens being foreclosed on, declaring bankruptcy and maybe if they had stable jobs
and pay increases, that could solve the housing crisis!

Greenspan has long had the agenda to lower US workers, target the best paying jobs in the America, their wages.

Here is blog piece, with a video clip of Greenspan talking about repressing US wages: Greenspan Recommends Wiping out the Middle Class.

What was that unemployment rate and shrinking number of jobs for STEM professionals? 50k total reduced jobs, isn't the unemployment rate the highest in 6 years?

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Greenspan must despise American labor

Old man Greenspan doesn't give a *!#*! about American workers. He tried to take credit for keeping inflation low when it was really American workers who paid the price due to global wage arbitrage. It is pathetic how his huge ego won't let him "retire" so he continues to contradict himself only to look like an even bigger fool than he already is.

Greenspan is a traitor

Greenspan to U.S. middle class: "First, we will give away your jobs. Then, we will give away your houses."

Time for everyone to visit the NumbersUSA website and petition your elected representatives for lower immigration levels and enforcement of our existing immigration and employment laws.

Heart of Darkness:New World Order to Exterminate U.S. Population

An academic debate raged for years over the size and durability of the American Middle Class. The size and income of the Middle Class was seen as a bulwark against Totalitarianism and Economic Depression. Now the Middle Class is officially viewed by the senior members of the New World Order as expendable, both by membership and income level. This mass extinction goes far beyond economics.

- Obama and McSame have both pledged support for H1B Visa levels, devastating tech worker growth to zero and wiping out jobs. Tech workers wages have fallen by half since 2000. Workers forced to do 'knowledge transfers' have committed suicide.

- Obama and McSame pledge support for Comprehensive Immigrations Reform for 2009. Together with Manufacturing Job extinction, the Bush Housing Crisis will create 30 million domestic refugees will be created in the next 5 years.

- FDA revealed the source of contaminated Jalapeno peppers under extreme pressure from Dobbsian muckraking. Sources of dangerously contaminated shrimp from China and thousands of other sources remain beyond inspection or Country of Origin Labeling. Millions of NWO food based executions are likely.

- Older workers forced to accept private medical insurance with built in Routine Denial systems will die by the millions in the next few years.

- The Economist and the Heritage Fund estimate that the U.S. population will exceed 500 million after Comprehensive Immigration Reform is passed by the Obama/McSame administration next year. Native population and work force will be eliminated.

- Rebirth of Communism in 3rd World will create many new armed conflicts with an opening for use of U.S. forces, and many thousands of deaths. In the last few months, jobs are created almost solely within the Pentagon. In Georgia, Putin moved huge forces and artillery on rails like Trotsky. 40,000 U.S. troops remain in Germany. In Bejing, Putin slapped a credulous Bush on the back and said, 'We are going to War."


Burton Leed


CT stands for conspiracy theory. While one can reach some of these conclusions and I certainly will sign onto the conclusion that our government has not doing it's primary job, which is to protect and enhance the lives of it's citizens, you need to go into statistical, factual detail versus write some sweeping generalization statements.

There are plenty of people out on the Internets saying this, and hence other people ignore it.

You need to go into the factual details of why and how this is happening.

For example, the intent is not necessarily to wipe out the middle class as a goal, more of a by-product of corporate agenda and special interests dictating policy and what our government does for their short term agendas.

Real Wages, Real Sickness, Replacment of U.S. Labor

Let's start with the fall in Real Wages. According to the BLS, wages have been falling for at least the past year after inflation, see The pattern is true for 2 years, most wage categories.

Of the 2.5 million total IT jobs all categories created since the mid 70's, 1.2 million have been handed to H1B visas since 1990. The loss of 3 million manufacturing jobs since 2001 were not replaced by by tech jobs. At the current rate of replacement, all domestic tech workers will be replaced in less than a generation by H1B Visa holders.

So the answer to why falling wages and why replace U.S. workers is just connect the dots. You bet it's conspiratorial. The numbers were set down in WTO agreements going back 30 years and renegotiated at the 2008 Doha Round. How is planning to take the work of others not a conspiracy?

The trade-off between tech and manufacturing was a social contract. When steel contracted in the 1979 to 1983 period, tech was held up as the replacement. In the shell game that ensued, tech jobs were then sent off-shore or outsourced.

As for extermination, there is no better graphic than Death,
Disease, War and Famine: the 4 Horsemen.

Burton Leed