How We All Get To Vote On The Stimulus Plan.

So you only have one President at a time, and clearly, right now, the President is Barack Obama who is standing up and attempting to do something about the economic situation here in the United States, a situation which is worsening by the day.

As such, the world online and off is exploding with opinion, new ideas, some old ones rehashed and many of the usual talking points being thrown around with increasing speed. Clearly, there is some great commentary being written about the Stimulus Plan, what it means and what might happen over the next days and weeks as the plan is debated.

For example, at TruthDig, it is pointed out that "Now Is No Time For Phony Thrift" lampooning Mitch McConnell who presided over hundreds of billions of dollars in government overspending, now suddenly worried about waste.

At Mother Jones, they're wondering if "The Mess Obama Inherits Might Be His Greatest Opportunity." And at Alternet, the question is are Republicans fighting the plan to prevent their political exile?

This massive outpouring of great content, and the desire to let everyone have a vote has led us to launch the Stimulus Plan NewsLadder today in partnership with The Media Consortium.

There are two great benefits to you from this NewsLadder, first is that we, and people like you, are constantly posting links to all of the great articles and posts about the Stimulus Plan.

And second, unlike just a feed, you can vote the stories or ideas you like best up the ladder. The ideas you like, the point of views you respect, vote them up.

We've never seen a moment like this in our country, the combination of crisis and new media commentary will mix like never before, and this is the perfect way to keep track of all of it.



this post links to only one site over and over

I think this is just trying to drive traffic to some site that is trying to be an aggregator of other site's content.

On the other hand, his site, Newsladder is just the 1st paragraph and does link over to the original site where it was found. Other sites, most famous is Technorati, do precisely this, pull in RSS feeds and have tools to read numerous blogs and "bubble up" the good writings.

I'm fine with other people wanting to get some traffic to their various web efforts and so on, but it's a fine line between that and then plain getting some free advertising.

What do others think? Remember if you think this is a bad post, if you rate it down, it will be removed from the front page.

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