I Need a Freakin' Job

This is great.




The above billboard sign greeted President Obama when he came into Buffalo, New York today.

From their website, we have this simple message:



The inafj has more videos, seemingly is selling T-shirts saying basically the same thing. Hello, I need a friggin' job here people! How many times have you said that very phrase in the past two years. I need a freakin' job, or something like that. I know I have.

We're writing, documenting the outrageous profits of Wall Street but this group is pounding the drum on the obvious, the middle class is just royally screwed and it's time to demand job security. This post is simple in kind. Economic security is a right. A job is a right for all Americans.



inafj and education

As pointed out in http://www.textbooksfree.org/Change%20Education.htm,
inafj requires changes that academics and parents do not want, educators don't have the power to install, and will not get politicians elected.


I think the slogan says it all but I wonder who will be funding this over the next year.

This would be another popular slogan imo.

the middle class is just royally screwed


This is an astroturf group set up by Andrew Breitbart.

You'll find no greater proponent of direct job creation than me, but these people are frauds.

Take a look at their website. Their petition is a meaningless gabble for "common sense," with no action suggested.

Their "about" page contains anti-stimulus ranting, pro-deregulation, and other right-wing canards.

Avoid at all costs.


LOL! I had no idea who this guy is, but I just looked him up. Well, I like the sign, regardless. Seriously, brilliant messaging.

That said, this "regulation strangle holds business! We want freedom"...

I think that has to be the brainchild of some genius public relations/corporate lobbyist group to spin that one up.

So, I see it as the corporate/special interest lobbyists vs. U.S. middle class.

BTW: did you see the post blasting public unions on HuffPo (getting TR blasted in the comments as well)?

Anywho, EP is non-partisan so maybe we can steal the sign and change the direction to real solutions.


It's extremely good messaging, and I think we should repurpose it.

The Zuckerman piece? Yeah, I read it. Violent rage best describes my reaction. It's the same b.s cherrypicking we see all the time.