Just How Intensely Do Other Countries Demand U.S. Jobs? - Mexico Does Tariffs When Denied

When is the United States going to make it clear, once and for all, U.S. jobs and workers are not for trade?

Because Congress finally stopped Mexican trucks from entering the United States, which obviously would labor arbitrage U.S. truckers in addition to security and safety issues, Mexico is retailiating by tariffs.

Mexico slapped tariffs on 90 American agricultural and manufactured exports on Monday in retaliation for Washington's move to block Mexican trucks from using U.S. highways.

Mexican Economy Minister Gerardo Ruiz said about $2.4 billion worth of exports from 40 U.S. states would be affected and that his government would soon publish a list of them.

Last week, the U.S. Congress canceled funding for a test program begun by the Bush administration that allowed Mexican long-haul trucks to circulate in the United States in compliance with the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Mexico has some nerve. They ship their drugs, their criminals and their illegal labor to the point of possible collapse of California due to the costs and burdens and because the U.S. has the gall to not let them replace U.S. workers with Mexican truckers....they retaliate.

I think it's high time the United States retaliated with billing Mexico for all of the costs of taking care of their citizens that are here illegally, especially the housing of their criminals.

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