Sanders to Trump. They are so different and that is their attraction.

Sanders and Trump have a commonality. They are different. Different from each other but significantly they are different from professional politicians. People want a change. I think people are fed up with government for and by the lobbyist. And beyond that fed up with the ultra conservative policy of President Bill Clinton starving people off welfare and giving the savings to Wall Street. A case can be made for blaming Clinton for 2008. It might not be that the general citizen is wise to the ways of a bought government but people know something is wrong. Maybe Clinton convinced them of the evils of welfare and Glass Steagull but it isn't working for the poor. (Poor=less than 100k family income). With everybody in the family working nobody has time to think or talk about their problems, but they know something is wrong. Life styles of the rich and famous is taking on the "unattainable life styles of the rich and famous". I am not surprised at the popularity of Trump but I am blown away by the growing popularity of Sanders. The word socialist used to be the period to anything, but not now. Bernie and the 28k crowds are a phenomenon. The right wing talk stars are trying to laugh, joke and shame it all away, but it's not happening