Women Techies Getting the Diss & Silicon Valley Uses the Crisis as an Excuse

Just what women techies need to hear when massive layoffs are headed to Silicon valley. Oh yeah, get this, the layoffs aren't really layoffs but more of an excuse to offshore outsource even more jobs, age discriminate and our usual high tech blame game, insulting people working their ass off as dead wood to justify their staff thrashing....(TechCrunch loves to blame the victim and promote global labor arbitrage).

Back to women techies....they are not having families, working their ass off, much more than their male counterparts and yet...all of that effort just isn't paying off:

Unfortunately, the sacrifices and compromises women make to advance their careers may not guarantee their success, the research authors concluded. The survey found that technical men are nearly three times more likely than technical women to hold an executive-level position in their companies.

One of the reasons women get passed up for promotions is because some men view them as less technically competent, according to the research. In an environment where leaders must have a technical background to earn the respect of their direct reports, this gender stereotype presents a real obstacle for women.

So, discrimination is alive and well in high tech.

To make matters worse, a downward spiral of layoffs will increase the home foreclosure rate.

Even worse, the suicide rate has already increased 4% for women and 3% for white males who are middle aged from 2000 to 2005.

Even more evidence of discrimination, the above CNN story is all about the white male middle aged suicide rate increase projected to be worse due to the financial crisis, when the female middle aged suicide rate spiked higher.

What are these people thinking? This is like some sort of Ozzie and Harriet nightmare....what are they thinkin' that women don't need the careers, the income, job stability, a feeling of worth from a job? Don't they realize that women are the breadwinners and must have that $$ the same as any guy.

I mean what are they going to blame the suicide rate spike in middle aged females on hormones????

Yet the middle aged white male despair is due to finances?

God. Regardless of these statistics, all people reading this...it's only money and on top of that, the system is screwing you over, so take that anger and direct it at the real guilty parties....not at yourself. Fight to make it better, please do not take out someone else's screw job on yourself. You are not to blame.

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suicide hotline calls up 54%

I just watched a local news program that said the calls to the suicide hotline are up 54%.

Folks, insurance policies do not pay on a suicide.

I don't know why people think anyone would want this but bottom line, you off yourself, your family gets nothing and is now in incredible grief.

I so wish people could rise above the moment and realize that this too shall pass and more importantly the destruction of the middle class, upon which more and more people are getting trapped by...is simply not their fault.

I find this sad also

But somewhat understandable. In a society which spends years telling you that lazy people shouldn't be allowed to live, that family loyalty isn't important, that you can kill off the next generation if the sudden appearance of a pregnancy blows a hole in your future plans for yourself, then why not, when those future plans have been blown up by the greed of Wall Street and there is no future you can see that is good, at least relieve the human race of one more mouth to feed on welfare?

In other words, the result of the worst myths of the right and left wings in this country, in hard times, WILL be suicide among those who believe those myths.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.