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"A Painful Recovery"

I am not sure where I came across this article. If it was on EP, I apologize for not giving credit but it may have been Calculated Risk. This article has some sombering graphs.

The article titled "US Household Deleveraging and Future Consumption Growth", by Reuven Glick and Kevin Lansing, articulates (much better than I can) why future economic growth may be relatively weak or anemic. The article suggests that U.S. households may continue to "deleverage" which may result in less consumption. It concludes that this "deleveraging" will not be painless.

U.S. household leverage, as measured by the ratio
of debt to personal disposable income, increased modestly from 55% in 1960 to 65% by the mid-1980s. Then, over the next two decades, leverage proceeded to more than double, reaching an all-time high of 133% in 2007. That dramatic rise in