ISM manufacturing

ISM Manufacturing 55.7% PMI Shows Growth Held for August 2013

The August ISM Manufacturing Survey shows PMI increased 0.3 percentage points to 55.7%.  Seems the survey results held the July blow out increase and PMI is now at the highest level for the year.  New orders showed the most promise, with a 4.9 percentage point increase from last month, although the production index declined.

ISM Manufacturing PMI 55.4% - Blow Out for July 2013

The July ISM Manufacturing Survey shows PMI had a blow out increase of 4.5 percentage points to 55.4%.  Manufacturing has moved into sold growth with new orders increasing by 6.4 percentage points and production roaring in an 11.6 percentage point gain.  Even the employment index increased.   Let's hope this month isn't a statistical anomaly for the United States sorely needs her manufacturing base to start humming again.

ISM Manufacturing - PMI 50.9% for June 2013

The June ISM Manufacturing Survey shows PMI recovered from last month's contraction by 1.9 percentage points to 50.9%.  Manufacturing has moved into growth, but barely.   Most of the major sub-indexes switched to growth except employment, which lags new orders and production.  This is the first time manufacturing employment has shrunk since September 2009, not a welcome sign.

Manufacturing Contracts - PMI 49% for May 2013

The May ISM Manufacturing Survey shows PMI crumbled by -1.7 percentage points to 49.0%.  Manufacturing has moved into contraction.   Manufacturing also contracted in November 2012 and previous to that, July 2009.  Both new orders and production contracted indicating bad news for the U.S. manufacturing sector and the index details are even more ominous.


ISM Manufacturing Index Barely Breaks Even - PMI 50.7% for April 2013

The April 2013 ISM Manufacturing Survey shows PMI slid by -0.6 percentage points to 50.7%.  This is expansion but much slower.   Expansion has occurred for the 5th month in a row., although this is the lowest PMI of 2013.  Overall the report implies a stagnant manufacturing sector, ho hum, and not much to write home about.


ISM Manufacturing Index - PMI 51.3% for March 2013

The March 2013 ISM Manufacturing Survey shows PMI decreased by -2.9 percentage points to 51.3% and is in expansion for the 4th month in a row.  New orders as well as production declined significantly from last month and show a slower growth manufacturing sector.  March's Manufacturing survey shows inventories contracted as well.


ISM Manufacturing Index - PMI 54.2% for February 2013

The February 2013 ISM Manufacturing Survey shows PMI increased by 1.1 percentage points to 54.2% and is in expansion for the 3rd month in a row.  This is the 5th time in nine months manufacturing PMI has been in expansion and the highest manufacturing PMI since June 2011.  Overall the report is solid manufacturing expansion and a pleasant surprise considering U.S. politics.


ISM Manufacturing Index - PMI 53.1% for January 2013

The January 2012 ISM Manufacturing Survey shows PMI increased by 2.9 percentage points to 53.1% and is in  expansion for the 2nd month in a row. This is the 4th time in eight months manufacturing PMI has been in expansion. Overall the report is actually modest expansion, although all five indexes which make up PMI were on the positive side. 


ISM Manufacturing Index - PMI Contracts to 49.5% for November 2012

The November 2012 ISM Manufacturing Survey PMI decreased, -2.2 percentage points, to 49.5% and and is now in contraction. This is the 4th time in six months manufacturing PMI has contracted. PMI hasn't been this low since July 2009's 49.2% PMI and the employment index contracted to September 2009 levels.