AIG sues IRS for $306 million

I guess this falls into the category of Go Big or Go Home.

As AIG takes billions of dollars from the federal government to stay afloat, it is suing the government for millions more.

The big insurer is trying to recover $306.1 million of taxes, interest and penalties from the Internal Revenue Service. Among other things, AIG is contesting an IRS determination last year that the company improperly claimed $61.9 million of tax credits associated with complex international transactions.

AIG has also asked a court to make the government reimburse it for money spent suing the government.

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AIG just can't get a clue here. Don't they realize that in spite of their holding the globe hostage that at this point they risk all being lynched? Seriously, people are completely pissed about the entire TARP thing...

we sure were warning high and low on the stupidity of this but now the public is about to take their wrath out on every single person in any way associated with this company.