India Firing Foreigners, Hiring Local Citizens

While U.S. corporations fire U.S. citizens yet demand even more foreign workers...India is actually firing foreign executives, workers and hiring their own citizens instead.

Expatriate executives, who were the flavour of the season when India was riding high on a 9%-plus growth rate, are now becoming the first ones to get the pink slip as Indian industry, hit by the slowdown, starts looking within the country for inexpensive hires.

“Many of the expatriate executives, who have been asked to leave, are subject experts. Their value diminishes in a downturn as companies are no more expanding, and thus don’t need people to guide in a new venture,” says K Sudarshan, MD of executive search firm EMA Partners’ India unit.

Since October 2008, there has been a spate of replacements of expat executives with Indian professionals at the senior level.

Aviva Life Insurance appointed former Citibank executive TR Ramachandran to replace Bert Paterson as the CEO for its Indian operations. Insurance firm MetLife replaced its CFO Nick Paket with an Indian hire. And, according to executive search firms, two top expatriate executives of another insurance firm are slated to leave in March, to be replaced by Indians.

Aditya Birla Retail is reportedly hiring an Indian executive from a beverage company to head its supermarket chain More, which was earlier led by Andrew Denby. Delhi-based Dabur Retail’s top three ex-pats, including CEO Peter Baker, have been replaced by Indian hires.

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There's our hint..we should

There's our hint..we should start doing the same thing to all temporary working visa (h1b and l1) holders that are taking jobs from Americans.

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No Balls

Politicians in the US do not have the balls to do this - the mantra of globalization will get in the way. The US has set up a one way street where the Indians look after their own and US citizens and displaced from jobs in their own country.

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I predict there will soon be a backlash here in the U.S., especially in the hi-tech area. Most of the HB-1's in Silicon Valley are here simply to drive down cost...we homegrow much of the science-engineering talent here, but it's cheaper to dilute. Folks are catching on...there will be a backlash against the reverse discrimination.

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it appears to be

People are sick to death of being name called on this issue and it's so obvious they are firing Americans and replacing them with guest workers. I think it's gaining Populist support, especially right now....with corporations and legislatures trying to increase the foreign guest worker cap on unskilled (H-2B) guest worker Visas...with these unemployment makes what is going on very very clear.

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Friends, To report any


To report any suspicious activity or to make a confidential reporting of immigration or customs violations, please call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (1-866-347-2423).

Please make the call. This is the right time to make the call. These days immigrations dept. is raiding companies for illegal activities.

Remember the 5 firms that ICE raided in regards to H1B visa fraud last week. 11 of them are under arrest and they may serve up to 15 to 20 years of prison time.

Its not just the employer who is breaking the law, employees are supporting them too. As far as L1 visa interview goes, they know from the forum what questions they are asked and they know what to answer even if it is not the right answer.

For L1 visa they have to say they are working on a proprietary tool and have specialized skills to get the visa even if they don’t have those skills. This is fraud and they need to go to jail.

Remember the only way to stop these guys is by putting not 11 but atleast 1100 in jail. They can afford to pay as mush fine as required without any issues and still continue the same old unethical practice. It’s only the jail time that they are scared off and which will make them stop.

So guys if you are suspicious of any illegal activities on H1 or L1 please call ICE. You can call from public phone and don’t have to reveal your identity.

Please make the call. For those you already have a job, you may be the next one to get fired.

Please spread the word and let your friends, family, relatives know about this. Email this content to everybody that you know.

Please help.

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Been there, tried that

Have yet to see the REAL VILLAINS get fined or go to jail for it.

Did I miss something last week? Who got put in jail, the poor indentured slave H-1b visa holder, or the guy who hired him?

It is the second, not the first, that we should be throwing into jail.

Moral hazards would not exist in a system designed to eliminate fraud.

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Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.


sorry for laughing, its one of those laughs were you know the situation is so fucked up that it's not a humor laugh but the other kind. Where is the "race" crowd on this? If American companies were firing specifically Indians and replacing them with Anglo-sounding-named Americans, you would have folks in this said crowd crying racism. I'm sorry, but the intelligentsia in this world ought not have a double standard here.

I know the argument that will be made "well it's the Indian market, what better type of person Indian?". All right, fine, but then the same could be said about all the jobs, particularly sales and customer service jobs, that went to India. I'm sure a 20-year female or male in say San Francisco or Scranton will know more about the "American market" than someone from Bangalore or Mumbai!

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10-4 Joe Friday...

If the 866 number's busy...please revert to the rectal pump.

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